Q: Can I add additional emails to my Catapult account?

A: Catapult is a single-user subscription. If you wish to receive alerts at an additional email, please sign up for another account and subscription. You are welcome to enter a shared or group email address, but sometimes group email inboxes have security rules that prevent them from receiving Catapult alerts.

Q: Is there a way to set the same alerts for several devices at once?

A: Currently this is not possible, alerts are configured one device at a time for maximum flexibility.

Q: How do I know which alerts to receive?

A: Check out our Managing Alerts page for details on all standard alerts, as well as additional alerts you can add.

Q: I've set up alerts, but I have not received any texts or emails. Is Catapult broken?

A: First, verify that you have an active subscription, that you have added a valid device name, and that the device has actually generated an event that would trigger an alert you have subscribed to. A quick way to test (if monitoring a fridge, freezer, or cabinet) is to sign up for aggregate event alerts from that device, then open and close the door. Lastly, if you still do not receive alerts, check your spam folder. If none of the above succeeds, please contact Terso.

Q: I'm receiving email alerts, but not SMS?

A: Verify that the phone number you have specified in your profile is correct. If yes, make sure that you have selected to receive SMS alerts by clicking the speech bubble. Finally, make sure that the SMS alert you have configured should have actually been triggered since you set up the alert, by viewing the "Last Occurrence" column. If you still believe you should have received an SMS alert, please contact us