Welcome to Catapult! Catapult is an alerting system provided by Terso Solutions for devices running on Jetstream. All devices are automatically monitored by Catapult. Users can select which events they would like to be alerted on, for unlimited devices. Let's walk through getting your first alert set up! First login, to catapultalerts.io. If you don't have an account, sign up for one with just a name, email, and password. No payment will be required until you wish to actually receive alerts.

Adding Devices to Monitor

The first step in configuring your Catapult alerts is specifying which devices you want to monitor.

  1. Press "Add Device" in the top right of the "My Devices" page.
    Add Device button
  2. Enter the official Jetstream Name of the device you wish to monitor, and click "Save Device".
    1. If you do not know the name of the device, please contact your device owner.

The device will now appear on your "My Devices" page. You can add unlimited devices, but for now we will configure an alert for the device we set up.

Configuring the Device Alerts

Terso devices can communicate a large amount of data, but chances are you only want to be alerted when a device is experiencing an important issue, such as a power failure. We recommend subscribing to both the initial alert and the restore alert, so that you can receive confirmation when the error state is resolved.

  1. Click the device name to expand the device and view alert settings for the device.
  2. If desired, add a "friendly name" for the device. This name will be used in alerts to help you quickly identify the device.
    Friendly Name Field
  3. For our example, we want to be alerted when there is a power failure or restore so we will click the mail icon next to both ACPowerFailure and ACPowerRestore. You could also choose to to receive texts instead of, or in addition to, emails.

    You must have added a phone number to your profile in order to receive text alerts.

Now if that device experiences a power failure or a power restore, you will receive an email alert IF you have an active Catapult subscription.


You have added a device, configured an alert, but before Catapult will send any alerts, you must also have an active subscription. There are two methods for obtaining a Catapult subscription.

Option 1 - Credit Card

  1. Go to the Profile page.

  2. Open the "Subscription" tab.
  3. Enter your Credit Card information. Credit Card processing is securely handled by Braintree payments.

Option 2 - Voucher

  1. Go to the Profile page.
  2. Open the Vouchers section.
  3. Open the "Redeem" tab, and enter the Voucher Number you were provided with.

Example Alerts

Below are example messages for a device with a friendly name which has had a temperature alert triggered.

Email Alert

An email alert will include the Device Name, Friendly Name (if entered), and alert details, along with a link to the catapult website.

Text Alert

A text alert will include the Device Name OR the Friendly Name if entered, along with the same alert details as the emal. It does not include any links.