The Profile page contains several administrative tools, including the ability to Manage your Profile and Change your Password.

Path to Contact Detail and Change Password Tabs

Manage Profile

The "Contact Detail" tab mostly consists of the data entered when initially signing up for Catapult. Any field can be edited at any time.

  • First Name* - Your first name
  • Last Name* - Your last name
  • Email Address* - The email address which will receive your email alerts. Your email also functions as your username when logging in and will be used in the case of a forgotten password.
    • If you wish to send to send alerts to multiple emails, either create another Catapult account, or enter a shared email address.
  • Plain Text Email - Checking this option will cause all email alerts to be sent as plain text, with no html or images. This option is useful if your email provider has strict content filters that interfere with the normal emails, or if you just want to receive the smallest Catapult alerts emails possible.
  • Timezone* - Your local time zone. All dates and times displayed in Catapult will use the selected time zone.
  • Phone Number - Your phone number

* = Required

After editing a field, click "Save Changes" to save your edits. If you do not wish to save your edits, simply leave the page without saving.

Change Password

If you wish to change your password, go to the Profile page, and open the "Change Password" tab.

  1. Enter a New Password that is between 10 and 30 characters long.
  2. Confirm your New Password. Passwords must match exactly.
  3. Click "Update Password".