Catapult is capable of monitoring any Terso RFID device. To begin configuring alerts, simply add the device. Catapult will also track whether the device is 'active' or out of communication.

Adding Devices to Monitor

The first step in configuring your Catapult alerts is specifying which devices you want to monitor.

  1. Press "Add Device" in the top right of the "My Devices" page.
    Add Device button
  2. Enter the official Jetstream Name of the device you wish to monitor, and click "Save Device".
    1. If you do not know the name of the device, please contact your device owner.

The device will now appear on your "My Devices" page. You can add unlimited devices.

Viewing Device Status

Catapult cannot send alerts from a device that cannot be found or is not communicating. Catapult will draw your attention to these two conditions on the "My Devices" page.

Device Inactive

Every 15 minutes, Catapult verifies the existence of all Terso devices. If Catapult determines that a device you have added does not exist, a  icon will appear to the left of the device name. This could happen because you entered the device name incorrectly, or the device was removed by the device owner. You can be alerted to the removal of devices by configuring system alerts.

If the device is re-added, the icon will disappear and you will continue to receive any configured alerts.

Device Out of Communication

On the far-right of the device row, the last communication date and time are displayed. If you have setup missing communication alerts for the device, and the missing communication hours have elapsed, then a  icon will appear to the left of the last communication time.

If the device resumes communication, the  icon will disappear to indicate that the device has resumed communicating/

Deleting Devices from Catapult

If you want to stop receiving alerts from a device entirely, we recommend simply disabling alerts rather than deleting the device, so that if you wish to resume any alerts, the device is already there on you My Devices page. However, you can easily delete the device from the My Devices page entirely, and re-add it later. When you re-add it, it will have lost any friendly name, last communication time, last occurrences, and additional alerts configured.

To delete the device and lose all info:

  1. Go to the "My Devices" page
  2. Click the name of the device you wish to delete
  3. In the bottom right, click "Delete Device"
    Delete Device button
  4. In the confirmation window that appears, confirm "Delete Device"