The All Devices page of Jetstream Navigator presents a unified view of your devices across all Jetstream Applications for which you have a user access key. This table enables searching, sorting, and Print, Excel, and PDF exports. By default the table is sorted alphabetically by name and includes the following columns.

  • Name - The name of the device.
  • Serial Number - The serial number of the device.
  • Device Definition - The name of the device definition associated with the device
  • Region - The geographic region that the device is operating in, as determined at time of device creation.
  • Application - The Jetstream application to which the device belongs.
  • Last Comm - The date/time of the most recent event sent from the device.
  • Actions (...)
    • View - Opens the Device's details page.
    • Edit - Opens a modal to edit name, serial number, and device definition.
    • Delete - Opens a modal asking to confirm deletion of the device.

Users with the Navigator Basic Access role have the ability to view the devices table, view device details, edit a device, and delete a device for their permitted Jetstream applications. 

Table Controls

  1. Print - Uses the browser print functionality to print the contents of the entire table.
  2. Excel - Downloads the entire devices table as a .xlsx file.
  3. PDF - Downloads the entire devices table as a .pdf file.
  4. Search - The search bar instantly runs a "contains" search for your search term on all data in the table (all columns and pages) as you type, filtering down to only rows containing your term. "Contains" means the entered string will be found wherever it is located, not just when the searched term is at the beginning of the field.
  5. Sortable and Filterable Columns - The report can be sorted by any column in ascending or descending order, but defaults to alphabetical name order. Columns with the funnel icon can be filtered. 
  6. Rows per page - This value defaults to the setting in your profile, but can be changed ad-hoc using this dropdown selector.
  7. Pages - Allows navigating between different pages of the report. The currently viewed page will be highlighted, and the first, previous, next, and last pages will be available as options. If the number of pages is more than can be displayed, an ellipses will appear indicating there are additional pages that cannot be directly navigated to. Whenever possible, try using the search bar or column sort to find what you are looking for rather than paging through the report. Increasing the entries per page will help reduce the number of pages.
  8. Showing Entries - Displays which entries are currently being shown on the page, out of the total number of entries.
  9. Apply filters - Click the lightning bolt button to apply any selected column filtering to the report results.
  10. Quick Action Menu - Click the ... button, or quick action menu, for a specific row to view device details, edit a device, or delete a device.

Adding a Device

To add a device:

  1. Select "Add Device" in the top left of the all devices page.

  2. Enter a Device Name - the name must be universally unique across all Jetstream applications. The name can contain numbers, letters, and the _-,. and space characters.
  3. Enter the Device Serial Number (DSN). This will be labeled on the device.
  4. Select a Device Definition. The device definition should match the TS0XX model number labeled on the device. If there are multiple, select the one with your country abbreviation. Finally, select the device definition with the highest listed Firmware (FW) version number.
  5. Select a Region. Simply make the region selection that is closest to where the device will be located. USGOV should only be used if you have been explicitly instructed to use this region.
  6. Select a Jetstream Application that this device will belong to.
  7. Click "Save" to add the device. Once the device has power and internet, it will begin reporting its data to Jetstream and this data will be accessible in Navigator as well as your API event queue.

Editing a Device

To edit a device:

  1. Open the quick action menu for the device you wish to edit and select "Edit".
  2. In the Edit Device window that opens, make any desired changes. If you wish the change a device's region or Jetstream application, you will need to delete the device and re-add it instead.
  3. Click "Save" to save the edited record. Clicking "cancel" will remove any edits you made but had not yet saved.

Deleting a Device

To delete a device:

  1. Open the quick action menu for the device you wish to delete and select "Delete".
  2. In the "Delete Device" confirmation window that appears, click "Delete" to confirm the deletion of the device. This cannot be undone. Clicking "cancel" will not delete the device.