The device dashboard in Admin Console gives you a high-level view of the read accuracy and connection status of your application's Jetstream devices. The dashboard is accessible from the Admin Console menu after logging in to

Dashboard Details

The dashboard contains 5 sections:

  1. Total Devices is the count of Jetstream devices currently in your application.
  2. Total Tags is the count of RFID tags that are currently reported as being in any of your Jetstream device's inventory.
  3. Tag Read Accuracy, Last 24 hours is calculated based upon the unexpected appearance or disappearance of tags between scans. As a simplified example: say that there are currently 0 tags in a device according to the latest ObjectEvent. A user opens the device and adds inventory, causing the device to report in an AggregateEvent that 99 tags were added to the device. If that night an ObjectEvent reports that there are actually 100 tags in the device, then the Tag Read Accuracy would be 99%. If the ObjectEvent completely agrees with the preceding AggregateEvent's adds and removes, then the Tag Read Accuracy would be 100%.
  4. A table of all device names that are not communicating, along with the date and time of their last communication, in UTC. A typical device is "not communicating" if it has gone more than 4 hours without sending in any events. This range extends to 25 hours for Mobile Cases. Certain devices, like Handhelds, never send heartbeat events and therefore will never be considered "Not Communicating".
  5. A table of all tags that have had performance issues in the last 24 hours. It includes the RFID Tag EPC, the Device's Name, and the Device's Region. A "Performance Issue" is when a tag suddenly appears or disappears between device scans, without an associated AggregateEvent adding or removing the tag. This indicates that the tag may be damaged or it may need to be re-positioned within the device for a more reliable read.

Tag Read Accuracy and Tags with Performance Issues can only be calculated for devices that send both AggregateEvents and ObjectEvents. Enclosed cabinets, fridges, freezers, and mobile cases all fall into this category. We can calculate the accuracy of these devices, as well as single out problem tags, with a high level of confidence. These two statistics exclude RFID Handheld Readers, Trays, Direction Portals, and Read Points. These excluded devices still maintain Terso's high accuracy standards when performing scans, but due to the lack of predictable, complete, and automated scan data, we cannot confidently auto-calculate a read accuracy percentage or identify problem tags for these device types.