The Device Definitions page of Jetstream Navigator presents a table of all device definitions available in Jetstream. This table enables searching, sorting, and Print, Excel, and PDF exports. By default the table is sorted alphabetically by name and includes the following columns.

  • Name - The name of the device definition
  • Firmware - The firmware version of the device definition
  • Parameters - The number of parameters associated with the device definition
  • Device Specific Commands - The number of device specific commands associated with the device definition
  • Sensor Measures - The number of sensor measures associated with the device definition
  • Actions (...)
    • View - Opens the Device's details page.

Users with the Navigator Basic Access role can view the Device Definitions table.

Table Controls

  1. Print - Uses the browser print functionality to print the contents of the entire table.
  2. Excel - Downloads the entire device definitions table as a .xlsx file.
  3. PDF - Downloads the entire device definitions table as a .pdf file.
  4. Search - The search bar instantly runs a "contains" search for your search term on all data in the table (all columns and pages) as you type, filtering down to only rows containing your term. "Contains" means the entered string will be found wherever it is located, not just when the searched term is at the beginning of the field.
  5. Sortable and Filterable Columns - The report can be sorted by any column in ascending or descending order, but defaults to alphabetical name order. Columns with the funnel icon can be filtered. 
  6. Rows per page - This value defaults to the setting in your profile, but can be changed ad-hoc using this dropdown selector.
  7. Pages - Allows navigating between different pages of the report. The currently viewed page will be highlighted, and the first, previous, next, and last pages will be available as options. If the number of pages is more than can be displayed, an ellipses will appear indicating there are additional pages that cannot be directly navigated to. Whenever possible, try using the search bar or column sort to find what you are looking for rather than paging through the report. Increasing the entries per page will help reduce the number of pages.
  8. Showing Entries - Displays which entries are currently being shown on the page, out of the total number of entries.
  9. Quick Action Menu - Click the ... button, or quick action menu, for a specific row to view device details.