Jetstream exists to help make adding global radio-frequency identification (RFID) capabilities to your organization as easy as possible. We offer a modern REST API for data transfer and device management between any Terso device and any number of systems. Terso Solutions also provides expert systems integration support, development tools, and ongoing monitoring and maintenance, but in this article we will focus on getting started with your Jetstream API integration.

For general questions about the use cases of Jetstream or detailed technical questions, either check out our FAQ or contact us. This article assumes you are familiar with Web API's, your organization has a basic understanding of Terso Solutions and the Jetstream API, and you are ready to begin using the API.

Signing up for Jetstream

To obtain your user access key which authenticates your calls to the Jetstream API, you must be registered as a Jetstream user within a particular Jetstream organization.

To be added as a Jetstream user do either of the following:

  • Request an API Key by contacting us at
  • Contact your Terso Sales Rep or Account Manager and request additional Jetstream user registrations. This option will only be available if your company already has a relationship with Terso Solutions.

Please allow 1 business day for your registration to be completed, whichever route you choose.

Logging in to Jetstream Navigator

When your signup is received and your registration is completed, you will receive an email from with a link to log in to Jetstream Navigator where you can find your user access keys, and easily review and manage your devices,

  1. Follow the link in the email or navigate to the login page at
  2. Enter your email address and the temporary password that was included in the email.
  3. "Sign In"

Changing your Password

Immediately after logging in to Jetstream Navigator for the first time, we recommend replacing your temporary password with a password of your choosing.

  1. Navigate to the change password page by clicking the user icon in the top right and selecting "Change Password"
  2. Enter your new password twice. Passwords must be longer than 12 characters.
  3. Click "Save Changes"

Configuring your Date and Time

  1. Navigate to the profile page by clicking the user icon in the top right and selecting "My Profile"
  2. Select your local time zone from the dropdown
  3. Specify your preferred date time format, previewing the current time result immediately below the field. Default is "military time". To change to AM/PM, enter "g", or specify a custom date time format using the linked documentation.
  4. Click "Save Changes"

Using your Jetstream User Access Keys

Your user access key must be passed in the header of each Jetstream request you make, in order to authenticate your access. It can be retrieved, reset, or deleted via Jetstream Navigator.

  1. Navigate to the access key page by clicking the user icon in the top right and selecting "Access Keys"
  2. You will see the Jetstream Application name, your Key Name, and your user access keys, as well as controls to set as primary access key, reset, or delete the access key.
  3. Use your access key to make calls to Jetstream yourself, outside of Jetstream Navigator, by including your User Access Key in the header of your requests.

    You can use the "Run in Postman" link on the API Basics page to quickly import a collection of all Jetstream endpoints and requests to experiment with outside of Jetstream Navigator, but you can build out and test requests using any API development tool.

Congratulations, you are now ready to get started integrating RFID into your software with the Jetstream API! If you have any questions about the Jetstream API or Jetstream Navigator, please contact our system integration experts at