RFID Handheld Readers are Jetstream enabled devices used to track and locate field or mobile inventory. The devices do not offer sensor reading events or log entry events, since they only communicate with Jetstream when being operated by a trained user. However, their unique use of Aliases functionality enables them to report the inventory at any number of Jetstream-configured locations, delivering unprecedented inventory tracking capabilities in a small form-factor. The handheld only works with Jetstream v3, where Aliases were first introduced. To learn more, visit https://www.tersosolutions.com/products/rfid-handheld-reader/.

Model: TS084


The handheld is unique in that it cannot receive any Jetstream commands.


The Handheld is unique in that it’s configuration parameters are not set via Jetstream. Please contact Terso to make changes to any of the below parameters.

NameDescriptionData TypeDefault
Enable Tag FilteringRestricts the Handheld to only scanning RFID Tags beginning with the string specified in the Tag Filtering Prefix parameter.Bool0
Tag Filtering PrefixThe hexadecimal value that a tag must start with in order to be scanned, if tag filtering is enabled.Stringnull
App LogoThe URL of the logo to display on the home page of the app, in PNG format.Stringnull
Support Contact InfoThe support phone number(s), email(s), etc. to appear at the top of the App’s Help screen.Array (strings)null


The following are the Jetstream Events that may come into your queue directly from a handheld. Other events pertaining to, but not generated by, the handheld are not listed here as those Jetstream-generated events do not vary by device type. See the Event entry in the Glossary to see a complete list of which events are from a device and which come from the Jetstream application.




ObjectEventYesObjectEvents from a handheld uniquely include alias and credentials fields.


The Handheld does not generate any LogEntryEvents.


The Handheld does not generate any SensorReadingEvents.