Jetstream Navigator at is just one of the tools available to help you develop and manage your Jetstream integration. The Help and Support menu includes various links to resources related to the Jetstream API.

  • Documentation - Links to the main Jetstream documentation site at (You're there!). Search or browse to find detailed documentation regarding both the Jetstream API and the Jetstream Navigator website.
  • GitHub - Links to Terso Solutions GitHub repository, where you can find a .NET SDK and ServiceBase.
  • Jetstream Status - Links to the Terso Solutions Status Page at There you can find the current status, historical records, and planned maintenances for all public Terso systems. You can also subscribe to alerts about incidents and planned maintenance for any of Terso's services.

If you have any questions about the Jetstream API or the Jetstream Navigator which these resources cannot help with, please contact Terso Support at