We are excited to announce several updates to the Jetstream Admin Console and API documentation at Jetstreamrfid.com that will help you manage your Terso RFID devices and inventory even more easily and efficiently.

Modify a Device

Jetstream v3 introduced the Modify a Device endpoint, and now this functionality is built into Admin Console, ready for immediate use. Just click the new edit button (the pencil icon) on a device's page, make any desired changes to the Name, Serial Number, or Device Definition, and save your changes to Jetstream.

Device Alias Management

This feature is uniquely designed for Terso's RFID Handheld. A Handheld's Aliases can now be viewed, added, and removed directly from a new Aliases tab on the device page with just a few clicks.


Devices running Firmware v4.7.12 or higher are now sending a StatusEvent every time they startup, and during their nightly scans. API documentation for this event is now available to help you decide which data you would like to process from the event.

New Device Type Documentation

Terso has recently released several new RFID devices in a wide variety of forms and functions. The new device type documentation details which Commands, ConfigParameters, LogEntryEvents, and SensorReadings are relevant to each device type. If you would like to learn more about any of these new devices, please contact your Terso Sales Representative or Account Manager.