Security cabinets are Jetstream-enabled cabinets that enable access control and logging, alerting, and the ability to remotely lockdown. They do not possess RFID reading or Temperature sensing capabilities like RFID Enclosures. They do not send ObjectEvents or AggregateEvents, so pass access should be monitored via LogEntryEvents of the type: ValidPass. To learn more, visit: https://www.tersosolutions.com/products/large-secured-access-cabinet/.

Model: TS092

The Large Secured Access Cabinet allows you to remotely manage access passes



ACLockdownOnPowerFailureLockdown unit if AC power failsbool010v4.8+
ACLogentryOnPowerFailureSend a logentry alarm if AC power failsbool011v4.8+
AggregateEventScanCountNumber of times to scan after product is added/removed and door is closedint11002v4.8+
AutoUpdateEnable the automatic update of firmwarebool010v4.8+
BatteryThresholdSend logentry alarm when backup battery falls below this levelstring03023v4.8+
CommandPollIntervalThe number of minutes between polling for device commands in Jetstream.int060060v4.8+
CommsRebootNumber of minutes after the system loses communication that it will automatically rebootint101440230v4.8+
CommsReconnectIntervalTime in seconds to wait before attempting to reconnect with Jetstream
 if there were any communication problems.
CommsTimeoutTime in seconds to wait for a reply from Jetstream after sending an event or command responseint130060v4.8+
DNSThe DNS to be used in a static LAN environment.
When set to '', the DHCP assigned DNS server is used instead.
IP address0.0.0.0255.255.255.2550.0.0.0v4.8+
DoorOpenTimeLimitTime in seconds that the door can be left open before a DoorOpen alarm is sentint143200300v4.8+
DoorUnlockTimeLimitAfter a valid pass unlocks door, it stays unlocked for this long (seconds)int1360010v4.8+
GatewayThe gateway address to be used in a static LAN environment.
When set to '', the DHCP assigned Gateway address is used instead
IP address0.0.0.0255.255.255.2550.0.0.0v4.8+
HeartbeatEventIntervalThe number of minutes between sending a HeartbeatEvent.int060060v4.8+
InactivityIntervalTime in seconds communications will wait before re-establishing a connection if there is no activity.int703600300v4.8+
IPThe IP address to be used in a static LAN environment.
When set to '', the DHCP assigned IP address is used instead.
IP address0.0.0.0
JetstreamDeviceUrlThe URL to which the enclosure sends Jetstream messages.string--us-device.jetstreamrfid.comv4.8+
JetstreamVersionVerson of Jetstream that the events will be available after DWS receives them
 "3" - sends to v3 endpoints as v3 JSON events
"2" - send to v2 endpoints as v2 JSON events
"1.5" - sends to v1.5 endpoints as XML events
JetstreamWebsocketAppEndpointThe Jetstream resource used to connect for WebSocket communications.
Using '#' will disable WebSocket communications.
LocationServiceReport location of device (currently not supported on this device)bool010v4.8+
LogEntryLevelThe verbosity of the logs sent by the enclosure
- Off
- Error
- Warning
- Information
LogFileLevelThe verbosity of the logs saved locally on the enclosure
- Off
- Error
- Warning
- Information
- Verbose
- Trace
- Debug
ObjectEventHourThe hour to perform the daily system scan as well as other system checks.
Set to -1 to turn off
ObjectEventScanCountThe number of times to scan during a GetEPCListCommand or during the daily system scan.int11002v4.8+
Ping IntervalFor sending websocket ping to server. int036000v4.8+
SecureSocketUse secure communications over HTTPS for the enclosure.bool011v4.8+
SensorReadingEventIntervalMinutes between reporting temperature sensor data. Set to 0 to turn off temperature readingsint060060v4.8+
SubnetThe subnet address to be used in a static LAN environment.
When set to '', the DHCP assigned subnet is used instead.
IP address0.0.0.0255.255.255.2550.0.0.0v4.8+
UserbypassAllow any 10 hexadecimal character pass to access the cabinet, ignoring the credentials list synced from Jetstream.Bool010v4.8.42+


ACPowerFailureACPowerFailure occurs when the enclosure loses AC power and is running on battery backup.
ACPowerRestoreACPowerRestore occurs when the enclosure has AC power restored.
DoorBreachDoorBreach occurs when the door lock is released by something other than the enclosure. For example, someone prying the door open would cause this LogEntryEvent to be generated.
DoorOpenDoorOpen occurs when the door is left open for greater than the DoorOpenTimeLimit.
DoorOpenRestoreDoorOpenRestore occurs when the enclosure's door is closed after a DoorOpen scenario.
DoorSensorFailureDoorSensorFailure occurs when the enclosure believes there is a problem with the door sensor.
LowBatteryLowBattery occurs when the enclosure's internal UPS battery voltage is less than the BatteryThreshold.
LowFlashSpaceLowFlashSpace occurs when the enclosure has less than 25% flash memory.
LowMemoryLowMemory occurs when the enclosure has less than 25% memory. This event will be sent every hour until the device reboots. Reboot occurs automatically if memory drops to 10%.
NewFirmwareDownloadErrorNewFirmwareDownloadError occurs when a request to upgrade firmware fails.
ShutdownShutdown occurs whenever the enclosure is powered down.
StartupStartup occurs whenever the enclosure is started up.
UserPassReaderFailureUserPassReaderFailure occurs when the enclosure loses its connection to the pass reader.
UserPassReaderRestoreUserPassReaderRestore occurs when the enclosure has restored a connection to the pass reader.


Secured Cabinets do not generate any SensorReadingEvents.