The View Events page in Admin Console is a rolling 30-day history of the events coming through the queue of the user access key you have set in your profile. It stores copies of the complete JSON message, and will neither affect nor be affected by your calls to the Get Events or Delete Events endpoints. You can use this page to troubleshoot your own integration's event processing, or just to quickly and conveniently see what Admin Console is doing with Jetstream in the background with your user access key when you add/modify/delete devices, passes, aliases, or other Jetstream records through the Admin Console UI.

You can View Events by selecting the page under the Admin Console menu while logged into

The view events page contains a filterable list of all events in your application over the last 30 days. The three filters available use AND logic, so selecting additional filters will further refine the search, or you can use any filter on it's own. Click the Filter button to apply the selected filters. Click the Event ID to view the complete JSON body of the event.

  1. Filter down to events relating to a specific device in your application.
  2. Filter down to a specific event type.
  3. Filter down to a single specified 36-character Event ID.
  4. The event table displays the last 30 day's events, after any filters have been applied. It displays the following columns:
    1. Event Id - The unique 36-character string assigned to the event. This is also a link to view the complete JSON body of the event.
    2. Event Time - The time that the event occurred.
    3. Received Time - The time that the event was received by Jetstream. For events that are generated by Jetstream and not the device, this will match the event time. For events that originate from the device, the difference between this and the event time represents the latency of the device's connection to Jetstream. A difference of more than a few seconds indicates the device was probably offline during the time the event occurred on the device.
    4. Type - The type of Jetstream event. See the API Documentation for detailed information on each event type.
    5. Device Name - The name of the Jetstream device the event was related to.