The Stratosphere release on April 29th, 2021 includes the following:

  • Column-specific search has been introduced for all columns across all tables, enabling you to find what you need faster than ever. Previously searching the entire table on short values, such as a number or acronym, would result in a wide assortment of results, especially on larger tables. Now you can quickly arrive at precisely the data you are looking for, and can even combine filtering on multiple columns. Example: searching for a device by region was previously nearly impossible because a two letter acronym like EU or US appears frequently in device or location names. Now it is a trivial task to find all devices of a particular region.
  • The Audit Log is now a standard report. The ability to review the entire Audit Log can still be granted via the Audit Log role, but users will now be able to see the audit trail for records they have permission to view. For example: Item management users will be able to see all Audit Records related to Items, but not for other records like Users. For more details of who can see what, review the permissions matrix.
  • Minor Performance Enhancements
    • Fixed an issue where pages, buttons, or menus would sometimes fail to load.
    • Improved initial load time for the Temperature Report
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Minor Bug Fixes