Welcome to Stratosphere!

Whether you are the first user in your Organization and are performing initial setup or have been added as an additional administrator to assist in setup or maintenance of the system, this article will help you get a 30,000-foot view of how to set up Stratosphere in order to enable near-effortless inventory management for your organization. Stratosphere is designed to fit your organization, so use the information below as a guide for how you could set up Stratosphere, deviating where necessary. 

Logging In

After Terso Solutions creates your organization and adds an initial admin user, this user will receive an email with instructions on creating a password and logging in.

Upon login, you will be greeted by the Stratosphere dashboard. It may be empty now, but soon it will be full of real-time information regarding your inventory.


1. Main Menu -  The main menu can be expanded or collapsed by clicking the "hamburger icon" in the top left, next to your company's logo. You will only see the menu options that you are permitted to see, as determined by the user roles you have been granted.

2. Quick Add Button - The quick add button opens a quick access menu for adding new records, from any page. You will only see the options for records you are permitted to add, as determined by the user roles you have been granted.

3. Help and Support Button - The help and support button opens a menu with links to the getting started article, page-specific help articles, a link to search all support documentation, a feedback submission link, and contact information for your Organization.

4. User Profile Button - The User Profile button opens a menu containing links to your profile, the change password screen, and the ability to log out of Stratosphere.


5. Total Inventory - Displays the total number of items currently in your devices, as of their last reported scans. The "More details" link opens the Detailed Inventory Report.

6. Transactions - Displays the total number of transactions (item adds and removes) reported by your devices, in the last 7 calendar days, including today. The "More details" link opens the Transaction Report.

7. Expiring Inventory - Displays the total number of items currently in your devices that are already expired or are expiring in the next 30 calendar days. The "More details" link opens the Expiring Items Report.

8. Unassociated Tags - Displays the total number of RFID tags currently in your devices that have not been added as items. This will only appear on your dashboard if you have been granted the Item Management role. The "More details" link opens the Unassociated Tags Report.

9. Privacy Policy - Link to the Stratosphere privacy policy, which details how all personal and business information will be handled in a responsible and secure manner by Terso Solutions.

10. Terms of Use - Link to the Stratosphere terms of use, which details expected and approved use of the system. It also details possible actions Terso Solutions may take if unapproved usage occurs.

Configuring Stratosphere

Now that you have your bearings, let's get started configuring the system.

  • Configure your Organization Settings. Fill out the organization profile, and work with your Terso representative to determine whether you want to add or remove features.
  • Add Locations. These will be the "map" of your inventory locations around the world (even if your world is just one building for now).
  • Add Terso Devices. Tie your Terso device's inventory and sensor data to the locations you just made.
  • Add Admin Users. At this point you will only want to add additional admin users to assist you with configuring the system. Wait to add standard users until system setup is complete.
  • Add Products to the product catalog.
  • Add Barcode Regexes to make adding items a lightning fast process by pulling the item data directly out of the barcode.
  • Add Items. This important step is where it all comes together, allowing Stratosphere to know and display all the details of your tracked inventory simply by tracking the RFID tag.
  • Configure any Optional Features you enabled for your organization.

Testing your Configuration

Test your configuration. Are the items you added being tracked through devices and locations as you would expect? Are all the features you added functioning as intended? The Terso team is always ready to answer any questions you have and work closely with you to ensure the system meets your needs.

Going Live with Stratosphere

  • Create a support plan. When users have questions about the system, who will they call? When they have questions about your products? You will want internal alignment on these processes before you add dozens, or hundreds, of curious users to the system.
  • Add Users. Remember you can add unlimited users to the system. You can configure role and location-access to be as broad or as limited as you wish. You can even add users with no website access at all, granting these users solely pass access to secured Terso devices.


Questions regarding inventory or business processes should be directed to your company's own Stratosphere Support resource, whose support email and phone number will be displayed in the support dropdown for all users.

To learn more about how to use the Stratosphere system, please search the Stratosphere documentation site, which contains articles detailing the use of every feature.

To report software issues or tell us how you think Stratosphere could be improved, please contact us.

Stratosphere Status

The Terso Solutions Status page includes status information and planned downtimes for Stratosphere. You can also use this page to subscribe to status updates for Stratosphere.