Stratosphere is a technically complex inventory management system consisting of physical devices, RFID tagged inventory, and cloud-based software all working together to orchestrate a supply chain with its own billing and procurement workflows. This complexity can make it unclear where to go when you have questions or concerns about an aspect of the Stratosphere-enabled inventory solution.

Help and Support Menu

The Help and Support Menu will always be by your side as you navigate Stratosphere. This menu consists of all the help and troubleshooting resources most users will ever need.

  • Getting Started - Depending on your user role, this will link to the admin or user edition of the getting started guide.
  • Page-Specific Help Articles - Help articles will be displayed that are relevant to the page you are currently viewing. In the image above, the locations article is displayed because the user is currently viewing the locations page.
  • Search All Documentation - This links you to the Terso Solutions knowledge base where you can search our entire selection of Stratosphere help articles.
  • Submit Feedback - If you would like an aspect of the Stratosphere software to work differently, or are encountering errors, please contact us. We are always making updates.
  • Organization Contact Info - The email and phone number of your Stratosphere organization may be listed here, if someone with the Organization Management role has added it. If you have questions about the devices, your access to the system, or the inventory, you should contact your organization's support listed in this section.

Contacting Terso Solutions

If you are an Administrator responsible for the management of your Stratosphere Organization, please contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.