The Stratosphere release on November 2nd, 2021 includes the following:

  • Introduced the Removed Items Report, where you can quickly search sort, and export all the items that have ever been removed from your locations without being returned to inventory. This report is useful on it's own to track "last known location" of removed inventory, but it's true power comes when Item Disposition is enabled.
  • Item Disposition is a new optional feature for your Stratosphere organization! Direct users to easily document the final state of an item after it has been removed right in the removed items report, so you can have a complete view of your inventory all the way to it's final destination, not just to the point it is removed from a device. Users can pick from one of the default statuses (used, scrapped, transferred, or returned) or your organization can configure its own item disposition statuses.
  • The transaction report has been redesigned so that each item added or removed from your devices is grouped by transaction. The transaction data is no less detailed than when each item was it's own independent transaction, but it is now more intuitive to browse and search.
  • You can now specify a Default Par Level Group that will be automatically applied to all new Stratosphere locations.
  • Performance Improvements
  • Minor Bug Fixes