When a company purchases Stratosphere from Terso Solutions, an organization is created just for them. The organization is a distinct, customizable, and secure partition inside of Stratosphere.

Changes made to the organization will impact how your entire Stratosphere application runs. Configurable options include custom logos, custom support information, and feature toggling.

The organization page consists of two tabs:

  • Organization Profile
  • Add/Remove Features
The "Organization Management" role is required to view or edit the organization page. Users without this role will not have access. Please contact your system administrator if you believe this role should be applied to you.

Organization Profile

The organization profile contains a variety of data about your organization, including the ability to add support info and a custom logo. The fields on this page are all editable. Simply clicking "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page will apply all edits. Leaving the page without clicking "Save Changes" will prevent edits from being applied. Below are the editable fields, along with a short description:

  • Name* - The name of your organization. This will most likely be the name of your company. This name does not appear anywhere else on the Stratosphere website, but it will be used in emails:
    • Informing users that they have been granted website access to your Stratosphere Organization.
    • Informing users their website access to your Stratosphere Organization has been revoked.
  • Address - The street address of your company headquarters. This info is not currently used or displayed anywhere else.
  • City - The city in which your company headquarters is located. This info is not currently used or displayed anywhere else.
  • State - The state or province in which your company headquarters is located. This info is not currently used or displayed anywhere else.
  • Zip Code - The Zip or Postal Code in which you company is located. This info is not currently used or displayed anywhere else.
  • Country - The country in which your company is located. This info is not currently used or displayed anywhere else.
  • Support Email - The email address you want users of your Stratosphere Organization to email regarding technical, product, or process questions.
  • Support Phone - The phone number you want users of your Stratosphere Organization to call regarding technical, product, or process questions.
  • Date Time Pattern - The format in which you want dates and times to be displayed throughout your Stratosphere organization.
    • If the Date Time Pattern your organization prefers is not available, please contact us and it can be added.
  • Logo - The logo to display in the top left corner of the Stratosphere website. If no logo has been uploaded, "No current logo" will be displayed here.
    • To add a new logo, click "Choose File" and select an image file that meets the following guidelines:
      • File Size must be less than 5 MB.
      • File type must be JPG or PNG.
      • Image Size should be roughly 190px wide by 50px tall.
  • RFID Tag EPC Settings - The length and prefix requirements for RFID Tag EPC values entered when adding items to your organization. RFID Tag EPC values are always required to be unique and hexadecimal.
    • The length setting defaults to 24, and will require all RFID Tag EPCs values entered when adding new items must match this length.
    • The Prefix setting is optional and can be toggled on. If on, one or more prefixes can be specified, and all RFID Tag EPC values will be required to start with one of the listed prefixes,.

* = Required

Add/Remove Features

Your organization's needs are unique, so we've designed Stratosphere with the ability to add and remove feature sets with a simple toggle. Some features are free, while others may require an additional subscription cost to enable. There are currently four add-on features available in Stratosphere for your organization.

Package Integrity

Users will be directed to document the package integrity status of every item that was removed from one of their assigned locations when they log in to Stratosphere. They can review this documentation on the package integrity page. Users with the "Package Integrity Management" role will not document package integrity status upon log in but will be able to review and edit these statuses across all locations on the package integrity page.

To learn more details about the workflows and screens associated with the Package Integrity feature, see the Package Integrity Feature article.

Slow Moving Inventory

Users will be alerted to inventory that has been at its current location for longer than the specified number of days. If an item is moved to a different location, it’s duration in inventory will be reset to 0 and it will no longer appear on the slow-moving inventory report or dashboard. However, movement of an item in and out of the same device, or between multiple devices at the same location, will not reset the item’s inventory duration.

To learn more details about the workflows and screens associated with the Slow Moving Inventory feature, see the Slow Moving Inventory Feature article.


Allows Handheld Device users to select which location they are scanning inventory at, right in the inventory app. This is enabled by creating an Alias for a location and assigning it to any number of handhelds in Stratosphere. This feature enables a single device to scan a limitless number of inventory locations, while keeping the scanned inventory neatly organized in it's proper location.

To learn more details about the workflows and screens associated with the Aliases feature, see the Aliases Feature article.

Par Levels

With the Par Levels feature enabled for your organization, Stratosphere will continuously compare the existing stock of products at all locations against your specified Minimum and Maximum stocking levels, and reports the status in an easy-to-use dashboard widget and report. Now you can prevent and identify overstocks or stock outs at a glance.

To learn more details about the workflows and screens associated with the Par Levels feature, see the Par Levels Feature article.

Creating or Deleting Organizations

The creation and deletion of organizations can only be done by authorized and trained employees of Terso Solutions. If you would like an additional Organization created, or would like to Delete your existing organization, please contact us.