Stratosphere is a modern cloud-hosted application, meaning that there are no hardware system requirements in order to get the full power of the Stratosphere system. Regardless of your preferred device, the only requirement is that you use a supported browser and have access to the internet.

Supported Browsers

There are literally hundreds of web browsers, and try as we might, we can't test them all. We have tested and verified that Stratosphere works perfectly on the following popular browsers:

  • Chrome (v75+)
  • Safari (v12+)
  • Firefox (v67+)
  • Edge (v44+)

The above represent >85% of all internet browsing across all devices, so if you don't already use one of these as your default browser, you will almost certainly find one already installed on your device. Other less popular browsers can be used to access Stratosphere, we simply cannot guarantee the quality of the experience. Strange UI issues may occur, or the system may function slower if you decide to use a browser that is not listed above. Issues that are unique to a non-supported browser will not be fixed.

Supported Devices

We believe that your mobile devices already have too many Apps collecting your data and taking up space, which is why we designed the Stratosphere website to work just as well on your Android or iOS phones and tablets as it does on your Windows or Apple laptops and desktops. Simply access from any of the four supported browsers that you have on your device and the website will optimize for the screen resolution you have available, regardless of device manufacturer. This ensures that you never get an inferior experience on mobile because "that feature hasn't been released for the app yet". With Stratosphere, you get access to the same great experience, from all your devices.