Firmware Version 5.0.24 Release Notes

Affected Models: This firmware (FW) update affects the following models produced and shipped on or after March 1, 2022, and any models that have been previously shipped with FW v5.0.16 / OS 11.1.8.

  • TS030 - Large RFID Cabinet
  • TS032 - Compact RFID Cabinet
  • TS035 - Compact International RFID Cabinet
  • TS074e - Large RFID Refrigerator
  • TS088 - Ultra Low Temperature RFID Freezer
  • TS092 - Large Secure Access Cabinet
  • TS096 - Undercounter RFID Freezer
  • TS097 - Undercounter RFID Refrigerator
  • TS098 - Countertop RFID Refrigerator

Note: Devices that have shipped prior to February 7, 2022 are not compatible with this new firmware. Terso will be releasing new versions of firmware for these devices later in 2022.

The following devices will receive the then current version of firmware at a later date when inventory of firmware version 4 devices has been depleted:

  • TS047e
  • TS056
  • TS060
  • TS079

Firmware Version: FW 5.0.24 / OS 11.1.8

Overview of changes: Firmware v5.0.24 is a recommended update for devices currently running v5.0.16.  This release fixes bugs with the startup of the I/O processes and are considered minor.


  • Updated boot timing and sequence
  • Added additional language pack for LCD display


Known issues

Device Definitions:

Current device definitions for the previous version are still valid.  It is recommended that customers always use the most current device definitions available.

  • FW v5.00.016, Ambient Cabinet
  • FW v5.00.016, Standard Freezer
  • FW v5.00.016, Standard Refrigerator
  • FW v5.00.016, ULT