Cleaning and Disinfecting the Terso Compact and Large RFID Cabinets

The Terso Compact RIFD Cabinet (TS032 & TS035) and Large RFID Cabinet (TS030 & TS056) may occasionally require cleaning or disinfecting in specific healthcare facilities.

Terso’s cabinets are designed to be maintenance free. However, it is recommended that the outer surface of the cabinet, cabinet doors, product shelves and drawers, and the door hinges, be kept clear from debris and dirt, to ensure correct operation.

Proper infection control procedures are a key part of keeping your Terso RFID cabinet in top condition. When establishing an infection control policy, The Joint Commission recommends taking many factors into account:

  • Frequency of opening cabinet doors
  • Presence of any visible debris
  • Any wet stains, marks, or droplets
  • Volume and turnover of the cabinet’s contents

CAUTION:  Some disinfectants may contain harmful substances that may cause injuries when they come in contact with skin or eyes or that may harm the respiratory system when inhaled.  Observe the safety instructions for any cleaning agent that is being used.

CAUTION: Plastic components: Several components of the unit are made of plastics that can be damaged by volatile solvents.  Please consult with Terso as solvents other than cleaning detergents and bleach-based solvents are to be used.  Damage to plastic by any solvent is not covered under any product warranty.

CAUTION: Never pour water onto or into the cabinet. Doing so can cause electric shock or short circuit.

WARNING: Do not clean the cabinet with scrubbing brushes, acid, thinner, aggressive solvents, powdered soap, grit-based cleanser, or hot water. Many of these agents can scratch the paint or cause it to peel. Plastic components can be easily damaged by these materials.


Prior to any disinfection, clean the unit effectively while following these directions in conjunction with your facility’s infection control protocol:

  • Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe off small amounts of dust on the outside and inside of the cabinet and all shelves or drawers.
  • If the outside panels are dirty, clean them with a diluted neutral dishwashing detergent. (Undiluted detergents may damage the plastic components.


Note: For the detergent dilution instructions refer to the instruction of the detergent.

After cleaning with diluted detergent, always wipe off the affected areas with a clean, soft, wet cloth. Then wipe off the cabinet or accessories with a clean, soft, dry cloth. The cabinet is now ready for disinfection.  Please follow the guidelines below.


Perform wipe disinfection only on Terso RFID cabinets. Terso recommends using one of the following:

  • Bleach wipes (1:10 dilution),
  • Disinfecting wipes that contain quaternary ammonium disinfectants and alcohols (ethanol & isopropanol)
  • 70% Isopropyl Alcohol wipes.

Wipe the unit clean with disinfectant and allow the disinfectant to react according to the manufacturer’s instructions and dry any residues on the unit with a clean, soft, dry cloth.

Contact Terso with any additional questions.


Terso RFID Cabinet Material Details

  • The cabinet walls are powder coated steel           
  • The inside plastic walls of the TS032 / TS035 are made from polyethylene
  • The inside plastic walls of the TS030 /TS056 are made from ABS
  • The glass in the door is tempered glass
  • The TS032 /TS035 door is constructed from 20-guage powder coated steel
  • The TS030 /TS056 doors are made from anodized extruded aluminum
  • The TS032 / TS035 drawers and dividers are made from durable polycarbonate and ABS
  • All branding labels are a laminate that can withstand a bleach solution.
  • All exterior and interior components can withstand cleaning with a diluted bleach solution or using bleach wipes.