This procedure does not power down the compressor of your unit and will not affect the temperature of the products inside the unit.

1.) Power off the RFID Electronics Panel. On the back of the freezer, locate the Electronics Panel

2.) Navigate to the power plug on the Electronics Panel (bottom), feel for a power switch. Switch to the OFF position. (Note) There may be an audible alarm when this is powered off, this is normal.

3.)Use this switch

Do not use this switch

4.) On the front of the Freezer, locate the access door (lower door on the cabinet) and pull open.

5.) Locate the reset button inside the Access Panel and press the button for 1-2 seconds. This will power down the RFID electronics, stop the freezer from alarming, and the front LCD panel will be powered off.

Restart Procedure

1.) Wait 5 minutes after pressing the reset button before powering the cabinet back on.

2.) In the back of the unit, locate the Electronics Panel and the power button you previously switched to off.

3.) Turn power button back on. The LCD screen will power back on and display "System booting".

4.) When the LCD displays the "Welcome" message, the reboot is complete

5.)   Following the completion of the reset process, please allow 3-5 minutes for the device for the device to boot up before presenting a pass.