TS074 (Bypass Reset)

TS074 non-bypass reset

Please make sure the door on the unit has not been accessed or opened for 5 to 10 minutes when resetting

1.)    Power off the Refrigerator with the main power switch on the back of the unit. The switch is located on the side of a metal panel.

2.)    Press in the Reset button (Pin hole button on the back of the unit) for about 5 seconds.  Please take note to press the button only once and hold, if accidentally pressed and released, please power back on the unit and wait 5 minutes before trying to reset again.

Restarting Unit

1.)    Before Powering the unit back on Check the front LCD panel where the Pass reader is located, this should be turned off.  Then power on the cabinet with the main power switch in the back.
2.)    Following the completion of the reset process, please allow 3-5 minutes for the device for the device to boot up before presenting a pass.