RFID Shutdown

1.)           Check all cable connections

2.)           If you could power off the cabinet with the main power switch on the right side on the back of the cabinet. (Please make sure the unit has not been accessed or opened for 5 to 10 minutes when resetting). The unit might audibly alarm, this is normal.

3.)           Press in the Reset button (Pin hole next to horseshoe sticker on the right of the cabinet) for about 5 seconds. There are two pictures of this button below.

ULT Shutdown/Defrost

4.)  a. De-activate the alarm by switching the battery (alarm) switch (located behind the lockable panel on the

front of the freezer) to off (O).

  1. Unplug the freezer from the mains/electrical supply.
  2. Leave the inner and outer doors or lids open.
  3. Allow the accumulated ice to melt.
  4. Mop up the resulting water.
  5. Dry and decontaminate the interior of the freezer.
  6. When defrosting is complete, reconnect the freezer to the mains/electrical supply.
  7. Turn the mains/power switch on (I) and re-activate the battery (alarm) switch.

RFID Startup

4.)    Then power on the cabinet with the main power switch (used in step 1) in the back.