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Defrost Process, RFID Enclosure ULT (-80) TS088

When preparing to defrost the freezer ensure that all product is removed and placed into an alternate ULT storage location.

Once all product is removed and in a safe location, the defrost process can begin.

NOTE: When performing a defrost on a ULT with CO2 backup additional steps are needed, those additional CO2 specific steps will be noted later in this document

  1. Power down the MoW (RFID Electronics Enclosure). RFID Power switch is located on the top of the MoW Electronics Enclosure (Users may hear an audible alarm when disconnecting power. This is normal and will be silenced in the next step.):

     2. After powering off the RFID Electronics Enclosure, move to the front of the device and locate the magnetic panel on the bottom of the temperature display bezel. Remove the magnetic cover and press the reset button.



    3. After powering off the RFID Electronics Enclosure, the main freezer must be powered down. Locate the main freezer power switch on the back of the freezer, near the bottom right corner and flip it to the off position:

** CO2 - If the ULT at the location is supplied with a CO2 tank for backup purposes we need to close the valve on the backup CO2 tank as seen in the picture below Close position will be turning the valve handle clockwise until sealed, do not over tighten.

**Turn off “Liquid CO2 Control” using power switch, controller is located on top of the freezer

4. Continue with the defrost procedure by opening all of the main inner metal doors and placing towels on the chamber floor. If the unit has a large amount of ice buildup more towels may be needed to absorb all of the water.

5. Allow the frost to melt and become loose.
   a. Remove the frost with a soft cloth. **DO NOT SCRAPE FROST, this could cause damage to vacuum seals or other components.

Post Defrost Process:

After defrost is complete and all water has been wiped out of the device, proceed in reverse order to power the freezer back on.

  1. Close all internal doors, and external door.
  2. Turn on Main Freezer Power Switch
  3. Turn on RFID Electronics Enclosure
  4. Allow device to cool down and reach operating temperature (This will take a few hours at minimum)
  5. Turn on “Liquid CO2 Control” using power switch. **Note, device should be at operating temperature before turning CO2 BUS back on.
  6. Open CO2 Tank Valve.

Defrost is now complete. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Terso Solutions for any clarification or further instruction.