Terso Solutions, Inc.
Defrost Process, Compact RFID Freezer (TS096).

When preparing to defrost the freezer, ensure that all product is removed and placed into an alternate -20 storage location.

Once all product has been moved the defrost process can begin.

Note: Do not scrape away or chip away at any frost, this may cause damage to the vacuum seal or other internal components.

1. Power down enclosure using RFID Power Switch located on the back of the device.  With the power switch in the off position, press the “Reset” button using a paperclip or something of similar size. *To confirm shutdown, the LCD Screen on the front of the freezer which typically says “Please Scan Pass to Unlock Doors” should be dark.

2. Open the freezer door completely and place towels in the bottom of the freezer to catch any water from the defrost process *Depending on frost buildup, more towels may be required.

3. After defrost is complete, remove towels and close freezer door.

4. Plug freezer back into power outlet and turn power switch back to the “ON” position, the device’s LCD screen will illuminate and go through a series of messages starting with “Please wait, System Booting”.

5. Once freezer has cooled back to operating temperature, product can be placed back into the device from the alternate storage location.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Terso Solutions for any clarification or further instruction.